Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 05 – Friends

I have 4 close friends. After my best friend, Carley, they're in no particular order. I'll have to update this with pictures as soon as I can. :)

Though we've known each other since 3rd grade, she's been my best friend since we were 14. Back in high school, we were practically twins. There were even a few times when her brother thought I was her. lol We used to do everything together and were inseparable. We mostly went to her house after school to make ramen and watch movies, but we also went to a close by coffee shop or Starbucks and hung out at the park. After graduation, she moved to Reno for university. I don't see her as much anymore, but she visits during her school breaks and I'm planning a visit there for her 21st birthday next month. Every time we see each other again, it's like nothing had changed and we still act like a couple of idiots when we're around each other. lol

I've known Raymond since we were 13, we were friends with the same people so we eventually became best friends easily. He's definitely one of my nerdier friends, we had CADD class together in 10th grade and he likes to take electronics apart to see how they work and puts them back together with no problem. He's also a fellow anime / video game / Doctor Who fan, who knows how many marathons we've watched or games we've played together. lol

(2 more awesome, close friends after the jump.)

Another nerdy friend, I've known him since I was about 15. He's the 3rd part of the original nerdy triforce, I'm sure there are countless embarrassing videos of us playing Kinect Sports on his 360. lol He's a pretty awkward guy, but he means well. He's a nice guy and will listen to your problems, no matter how petty they may be. We don't hang out as much as we used to, mostly because of our conflicting sleep schedules, but we try to hang out whenever we can.

She became the 4th part of the nerd triforce, so I guess it's now a quadforce (or a quinforce including Aaron)? Anyways, she's not only another nerdy friend, but a girly friend too. For hours, we tend to send links to each other for cosplay outfits we think would look cute on the other. She doesn't really play video games, but we geek out about anime and manga constantly. She's a tiny ball of energy, but she makes the smallest of things more fun. In some ways, she's a living chibi. lol

So what are your friends like and what kinds of things do you do with them? :)

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