Sunday, July 17, 2011

Apartment Update

On Friday, Aaron and I turned in our renter applications to the complex I've mentioned before hereIt turns out, we were too late to apply for the floor plan I posted before, but there were still a few of the slightly smaller floor plans left for our time frame. It's 815 sq. ft. / about 75.7 sq. meters, has the same storage and kitchen sizes, still decent walk-in closet, personal laundry room, and a fireplace we won't be using. lol
I'm sure we'll get approved since we make more than the required income and never had a criminal record, the woman that we worked with said we should be getting a call by around Wednesday. In the meantime, I've been obsessing over interior decor ideas! I just bought a white sectional couch set from a friend and will be buying a brown chair set from him next week, but we won't pick it up until moving day. I already have a navy blue armchair in storage too, so I think they'll go together nicely. I have a list for the rest of the stuff we plan on getting too, good thing I'm saving most of my paychecks until then. lol
I don't want to show off my ideas just yet, I might just wait until I take pictures of the finished products. :)

I'm also thinking of growing my own herbs indoors, like Oregano, Basil, and Mint.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what other herbs to grow, plant nurseries to buy from, soils to use, etc? :)

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