Friday, January 18, 2013

I've Been a Busy Panda

 I've been extremely busy, the past few weeks! Good busy, though. :)

 I started school on January 7th! So far, all of my classes have been great and I've made a few friends. It's a requirement to have at least 6 hours of homework per class each week, so I've been spending my work hours doing homework. I actually should be doing homework now, but thought I would blog really quick to catch up! As the weeks progress, I might start posting pictures of my schoolwork.

 When I'm on my days off, I've been spending a lot of time catching up on my sleep. It's nice, but I still have personal obligations and fun things I need to do as well, like writing this blog! I really do miss writing on here and want to make it better, so I hope I can start planning bloggy things out, soon. I also have some serious cleaning I need to do in my apartment, luckily I have Monday off from school...

 Since I spend most of my time doing school stuff, I haven't really spent time drawing, unfortunately. I did manage to post one new picture on my deviantart of my first doodle test on my brand new drawing tablet, though! It takes some getting used to, considering the image shows on the computer screen instead of the surface I'm drawing on. lol My next 6 or so drawings should be drawings that I'll be using as examples for my commission work, so keep an eye out for those!

(Nude modelling for SG, more vegan blabber,
& getting sick of birth control side effects, after the jump!)

 As for Suicide Girl things, I found out recently that my very first photo set, "Fleeting", has a new debut date! Instead of March 8th, members can see it on February 6th at 11am. I'm so excited! This was my first time modelling nude, so I hope I did well enough for my set to be bought by SG. All you have to know is that you will probably never see anything raunchy from me. I prefer to keep things tasteful and artistic. Then again, everyone's perception of what is artistic and what is raunchy is different, so who knows what others will think of it. lol Anyways, here's a teaser photo from the set!

 Being vegan is going pretty well. The only time I have slip-ups is when I have Thai iced tea at the Thai restaurant down the street, but that's extremely rare. Aside from that, I'm eating pretty well for a constantly busy person. My school has vegan-friendly drinks and I pack lunch, and my work provides soy milk so I can make cereal or find leftover veggies from my clients' dinners. The picture below is a vegan "chicken" sandwich with vegan cheese and vegan mayo, by the way. lol I've lost a little weight from that, but still have a long ways to go, which brings me to my next point...

 BIRTH CONTROL. Since I've been on the pill, I've gained 30 lbs, my acne increased dramatically, and my sex drive has lowered. After some thought, I realized that the cons outweigh the pros and that I have other options for birth control. So, I've been off the pill for about a week now. That's definitely not long enough to see any real difference just yet, but we'll see. My skin does seem to be clearing up, though. Perhaps I can go back to my pre-pill weight, now?

 So that's everything that's been going on with me. What's going on with you? :)


  1. There are 100 other brands of pill you can try. There's also implants and iud's you could look into. And of course the old school, condom.

    All birth controls are going to have negative side effects. I think it's part of the plan to make everyone grouchy parents.

    I miss you.

    1. Yeah, for now we'll just stick with the condom. But when I have time and some extra cash, I want to get the morning after pill. :)
      I agree. lol

      I miss you too. <3

    2. The morning after pill isn't something you take all the time dear. It's used for accidents and/or foul play.

    3. Oh I know that, it would only be used for if I worry that something may have happened. :)