Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'm back!

 Finally after nearly two months, I'm coming back to my beloved blog! It's been way too long, so let me catch you up on what I've been up to.

 I finished my school admissions portfolio and got accepted into school! I will officially be an IADT fashion design student starting at my orientation, on January 3rd. I'm so excited! I had to change my work schedule around to fit my school schedule, but it's worth it. I've been working at this for two years and now I can finally start school!

 I found out my first Suicide Girl set goes public on March 8th! In the meantime, I'll be waiting patiently and promoting its debut when the date gets closer. I'm also hoping to shoot a new set in the next couple of months, after I get to a healthy weight and find a female photographer. I absolutely loved my photographer for my first set, but wouldn't mind making a set with a more feminine point-of-view.

 I've been drawing a lot! I've mainly done a lot of requests from friends to draw them using one of their reference photos. You can find those drawings on my deviantArt. It's been such a big hit, that I think I'm ready to start opening up commissions! I haven't worked out pricing yet, but I know that they will be inexpensive. I also plan on drawing some other things and maybe selling prints. We'll see though. As of right now, I'm just finishing up some of my tattoo drafts. I'm hoping to get them tattooed onto me in the next couple of months!

 Three weeks ago, I made the decision to become vegan. It was an easy decision after watching a few documentaries and getting proper information on it. I already avoided eating dairy and eggs, so why not go all the way? Since then, I've felt much better health-wise and have even lost 6 pounds without exercise! I've been finding recipes online and have support from my best friend (whom is vegan), my mom (whom agreed to try it with me), and many others. I plan on buying some cookbooks, soon, to help me keep up this healthy way of eating. Aaron is still an omnivore, but I have no problem with cooking him his type of food while I cook mine.

 So that's what my past two months have been like. Now I'm back and hope to start writing again and more often! I hope you missed me!


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