Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

 My boyfriend's cat, laying on my magazine. :P

On Thursday, my boyfriend and I went apartment hunting and found a beautiful one bedroom. It's 925 sq. feet / nearly 86 sq. meters, has a decent walk-in closet, built in shelves in the dining room, a nice-sized kitchen, personal laundry room, and lots of storage. We're most likely turning in our applications this week, so I'm hoping we get accepted!

On Friday, it was my mom's 52nd birthday. We had a BBQ with close family and later that night, my sister, her boyfriend and I played in the pouring rain. It never rains here! The cake was good too, chocolate ice cream cake. :)
You can't see the rain, but we're soaked. :P Time stamp's wrong. lol

And now I'm having a Netflix movie marathon and flipping through this month's Vogue. I love how Emma Watson looks!
Now a question for you:
What are you doing this weekend?
Tell me in the comments. :)

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